How we can help:

  • Ontracknz promotes young people (16-24 years) to entry level positions within Manufacturing, Transport and Logistics, Warehousing, Construction and the Primary Industries.
  • Ontracknz has a database of registered employers who have access to the individual profiles on our platform of young people seeking employment.
  • Registered employers identify profiled job seekers of interest and liaise with our Workplace Facilitators.
  • Our Workplace Facilitators subsequently ‘connect’ both job seeker and employer to discuss future employment opportunities.


How do I get my Profile on the Ontracknz website? 

It's super easy. Email info(at) and we will send you a link to the Placement Form. Once you have filled this in, email it back to info(at) Once your Profile has been approved,  you will then be notified when it is live on the website for employers to view.


How much will this cost?

Ontracknz charges an administration fee of $60.00 including gst, which can be paid via internet banking.


Want to be Workready?

Email info(at) and we will send you a link to our Workready Pack. Once completed send back to us at info(at) This documentation will be kept secure in your personal Ontracknz website library and forwarded to an employer, once you have accepted a position.

Also, checkout our Training Page (go here)

You may wish to book onto one of these courses to increase your employability opportunities.


Any questions?

Just call our friendly team on 0800 119 791